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Abstract Submission

All the poster presentations will be prepared as electronic poster.

To register fort the best poster research incentive awards you have to answer the awards register question during the step 1. After that use the "Full Text/Load Abstract" button at the step 8. And load the file, which is prepare according to the rules on the system. Only the poster owners, which register only fort he awards, has to load their full text.Users which prefer a verbal presentation or not register fort the Poster awards did not has to load their full text.


  1. The abstracts shall be submitted only via the online abstract system.
  2. In the names of the authors should not include their academic titles.
  3. The names should be written with only the first letter in capital and the rest in small letters.
  4. The Name and the address of the institution, in which the author is employed, should be stated.
  5. Only the first letter of the abstract title should be in capital letters. (Abbreviations excluded.)
  6. In case abbreviation is used in the abstract, the abbreviation should be explained in parenthesis.
  7. The purpose of the paper and the methods applied should be explained in brief, the findings should be summarized together with sufficient statistical details and the conclusion should be stated within the framework of the findings presented.
  8. The Abstract should be organized in a way to include the titles of objectives, materials and methods, results and conclusions.
  9. The abstract length should not exceed 500 words excluding the abstract title, name and surname of the author.
  10. The text should be written in one Paragraph. 3 pics/tables and 3 referances can be added.
  11. The maximum number of authors is 12.
  12. The Abstracts has to contain the name and last name of the authors.
  13. Authors which will present a abstract , has to make a registration as a participant.
  14. The registration will be done only for one name, so the other names in the abstract are not include.


  1. Anxiety disorders
  2. Biological rhythms
  3. Childhood and adolescence disorders
  4. Clinical psychiatry
  5. Dementia
  6. Eating disorders
  7. Forensic psychiatry
  8. Information technology and neuroscience
  9. Learning disabilities
  10. Memory and cognitive disorders
  11. Mood disorders
  12. Neuroscience
  13. Neuroimaging
  14. Nonpharmacological biological therapies
  15. Nosology and classification
  16. Personality disorders
  17. Psychiatric genetics
  18. Psychopharmacology
  19. Psychosocial and other nonbiological therapies and interventions
  20. Schizophrenia and other psychotic disorders
  21. Sexual behavior and disorders
  22. Sleep
  23. Substance abuse and dependence
  24. Treatment guidelines


  1. Be sure, that all texts and elements which you will use in your poster are ready on your computer.
  2. Use your abstractMode account when you will send your abstract in the system.
  3. Click on the ‘’Proclamations’’ button on the left column. Here you can see all of your Abstracts.
  4. Click on the ‘’Full Text/Load Poster’’ button under your accepted abstract.
  5. On the opening Page , click on the related sections and use ‘’copy-paste’’. When you have figures and tables add them and save it.
  6. Check out with the ‘’Preview’’ button your poster.
  7. When you are sure that you have no missings or mistakes , than click on the ‘’ Confirm ‘’ button.
  8. Your poster will be shown on all active computer on the’’ electronic poster player ‘’ during the Congress.


  • If you use online Abstract Module for the first time, please click to "new user" to register.
  • After registration period, the explanations on the pages will guide you. We kindly remind you to read carefully.
  • The title of the papers should not end with full stop and the subject should be selected.
  • The text should not exceed 500 words. The system will automatically not accept longer abstracts
  • Do not use graphics or tables more than 3.
  • Please do not forgot to send your abstract to the scientific Committe, otherwise your abstract will not be evaluated. 
  • Please keep the e-mail that comes automatically, after you sent your abstract to the Scientific Committe
  • You can follow all the abstract submission and evaluation proccess on the system

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 At least one of the authors must complete the registration to the congress in order to evaluate the abstract.

Abstract acceptance and program scheduling will be communicated to the corresponding authors e-mail address. Abstracts submitted through this web site will receive immediate confirmation electronically. If you do not receive a confirmation within 24 hours it means that we did not receive your abstract. The final decision of acceptance will be taken by the Organizing Committee once all abstracts have been assessed.

If you are unable to submit your abstract or encounter any problems at any point in the abstract submission process, please contact Website Administration by sending e-mail to  support@abstractModule.comor +90 (216) 410 44 14   - 9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. (EET), Monday-Friday.